Wirun Village Gamelan

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SUKOHARJO - Tourism Village Wirun become one of the most well known tourist village in Sukoharjo because of the tourism potential of the region. The village is located in District Mojolaban it also has easy access to the destination of the city of Solo and Karanganyar. Within one kilometer of the city of Solo, village location Wirun be visited by many local and foreign tourists.

Healthy drinks (herbal) from Nguter village

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SUKOHARJO – Sukoharjo is one of the potential areas in Central Java province, both from tourism and production. The district borders the city of Surakarta in the northern, eastern Karanganyar, Wonogiri and Gunung Kidul in the south, as well as Klaten regency in the west, with the location of this strategic area, making Sukoharjo into a crowded area.

Grebek Gethuk, Procession of Magelang City Bornday

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Sunday (12/4), Magelang town square will be filled with thousands of visitors to witness Grebeg Gethuk, a memorial procession 1109th Anniversary of Magelang City. As for the determination Magelang Anniversary based on Mantyasih inscription written during the reign of the current Hindu Mataram Dyah Balitung. Mantyasih inscriptions were found in the village Meteseh contains mention of April 11, 907 AD


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The end of December last year, the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Province of Central Java Central Java launched E- Tourism, a form of digital bebasis marketing. One of the products developed are the E-Book and E-Brochure of Tourism and Culture of Central Java.

E-book and E-Brochure can be downloaded for free via the following link:

Culinary Tourism of Central Java

Central Java Tourism Guide Part 1

“Jarum Village” Batik Producer

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KLATEN – Klaten district has various tourist potential is quite interesting. attractions ranging from religion, temples and various natural attractions mountain charm, until the water attractions in Clark. However, Klaten will continue to increase tourist attraction by launching a tourist village.

Jarum village one of them, the village is a small village located in Bayat, Klaten. In 2013, the village was named as a tourist village, because in the Jarum village has a promising potential areas, which are mostly batik craftsmen, namely batik batik fabric and wood.


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