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Puppet is a native Indonesian performing arts developed in Java and Bali . Some cultures Additionally , some regions such as Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula also has a puppet influenced by Javanese and Hindu culture .

UNESCO , which oversees cultural institutions of the United Nations , on November 7, 2003 set of dolls as famous puppet show of Indonesia , a world heritage works of inestimable value in art - oral ( Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity ) .

Batik , World Heritage

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Batik is one way of making fabric . Besides batik can refer to two things . The first is the technique of coloring cloth using plasticine to prevent staining in part of the fabric . In the international literature , this technique is known as wax - resist dyeing . The second notion is the fabric or clothing made with these techniques , including the use of certain motifs that have uniqueness .

Giant Mount Liven Lolong Durian Festival

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PEKALONGAN - Giant durian Mountains about two meters in diameter and a height of three meters enliven Lolong Pekalongan Durian Festival on Sunday ( 16/2 ) . This gigantic mountains became the festival icon. Mountains materials made from durian fruit that taken from a number of durian -producing areas such as districts Kajen , Talun , Karanganyar , Doro , Karangserang and Lebakbarang . Festival more glorius with the presence of two elephants named Deo and Sintha .

Candi Borobudur Temporary Closed

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Director of PT Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur , Prambanan and Ratu Boko Laily Prihatiningtyas said tourism activities Candi Borobudur closed temporarily . He said he has coordinated with the Borobudur Conservation Agency policies related to temporary closure of tourist activities in Borobudur temple by the eruption of Mount Kelud in Kediri , East Java . He explained that the closure of tourist activities , for the sake of the preservation of the world heritage buildings.


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