Processed Salak Banjarnegara

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BANJARNEGARA – Salak is usually known only as the fruit it can also be processed into various foods and drinks are also tasty on the tongue. Located in the village of Madukara Banjarnegara, there is a food processing industry and home-based drinks from fruits. "Azizah" is a housewife who managed to make a wide variety of processed fruits.

Integrated Tourism Surya Yudha

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BANJARNEGARA – Banjarnegara District is one district that has some potential to be developed, include the potential for industrial, agricultural potential, the potential of mining, plantation resource and tourism potential. One of the growing tourism potential in Banjarnegara district is Integrated Tourism Surya Yudha.

Archeological Site Patiayam

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Kudus – Archeological Sites Patiayam Museum is a museum of archaeological sites in the Mountains Patiayam, Hamlet Kancilan, Terban Village, District Jekulo, Kudus. Patiayam largest part of Mount Muria Kudus which covers 2902.2 hectares covering an area of several districts in Kudus and Pati regency.

Pandawa Water World, Know Puppet Through Tourism

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Sukoharjo – Pandawa Water World, vehicle and water games in Sukoharjo district that must be visited. Pandawa Water World includes new tourist place in Sukoharjo district, the only water world in Soloraya. Tourist attractions themed water attractions is established on December 22, 2007, and is always crowded with tourists. Pandavas located 4 km from the city of Solo, so it is easy to find. Located between Solo and Sukoharjo precisely in complex Pandavas Solo Baru, Sukoharjo.

Snorkeling and Underwater Photo in Umbul Ponggok

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Klaten – Located in the village of Ponggok, District Polanharjo, Klaten regency, Central Java, Umbul Ponggok be one alternative natural tourist destinations that must to visit. With an area of approximately 6000m2. Crystal clear pond water makes the tourists can see the bottom of the pool. A wide variety of fish species also live in this pond. So that visitors can swim and snorkel accompanied with lots of fish and beautiful underwater scenery.

The Atmosphere in the House of Culture Camera Magelang

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MAGELANG – Magelang is an area part of Central Java province has a lot of diversity of culture and tourism, one of which is the Borobudur Temple is worldwide even got the protection of UNESCO as world heritage (World Heritage).

The existence of Borobudur be a blessing to the community, especially cultural artist Magelang who shared the cultural atmosphere of Borobudur.


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