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Mangrove Edupark forests maron coastal, is a mangrove forest area developed by communities around the maron coast. At the beginning of planting mangrove trees aims to maintain coastal erosion and maintain coastal ecosystems. But it turns slowly maron coastal mangrove forests is the main attraction for tourists.

Mangrove Edupark forest not far from downtown Semarang and mangrove forests makes it the right choice for the citizens of Semarang. Mangrove forests maron own beach in the west of Ahmad Yani Airport in Semarang, or about 20 minutes from downtown.

Edu Mangrove Park is an artificial mangrove forests that can be used for day trips with the family, for research, and increase education. Location Mangrove Edupark very close to the Ahmad Yani Airport in Semarang, of course it makes a lot of air passing through the area, so you do not just see the sights of mangrove forests, but you also can see the planes up close, and can make it as a background for photos. In Mangrove Forest Edupark we can walk across the bridge made of bamboo matting along the mangrove forests. In addition, we can also rent a powerboat to circumnavigate the mangroves. And in Mangrove Forest we also can plant the mangrove seedlings.

In addition to being a tourist, where Magrove Edupark Forests is expected to make people aware of the importance of protecting the environment from the threat of coastal erosion to preserve the mangrove.

**translated by Kominfo Jateng