Mango 'Palace' Pemalang

Thu, 22/12/2016 - 14:49 -- kominfojtg-2

PEMALANG – Within the Framework of the Government Information Dissemination in Pemalang Regency Socialization of Local Government Policy Through Mass Media, Media Center Kominfo Central Java conducting Cover Media Relations to lift the potentials that exist in Pemalang. One interesting potential to be appointed ie Mango Palace Typical Pemalang.

Palace Mango-producing village situated in the hamlet Limbangan RT 08/02, Village Penggarit, District Taman, Pemalang. In the village there is a Farmer Group Mango Penggarit UD. A.H Jaya chaired by H. Darmanto. Aside from being Chairman of Farmers Group Mango, H. Darmanto also became collectors of mango in the village Penggarit because other villagers are still difficulties to sell their harvest mango. He also showed a mango plantation in the village Penggarit Palace. There are about 7000 palace mango trees planted in this Penggarit village.

H. Darmanto also shows a unique way to enjoy the Istana Mangga ie with circular cut in the middle of a mango with a knife, then turn the mango and go into two parts (like peeling an avocado), and enjoy with a spoon so that the hands are not dirty and sticky.

In November has been implemented Pemalang Mango Festival 2016 held at the Village Square Penggarit, besides exhibiting excellence Palace Mango, Mango festival is recorded in the record Muri to eat mangoes category with the most participants some 1,386 people. (F)

(Media Center Kominfo Jateng)