The Joy Kulier Nasi Grombyang Pemalang

Thu, 22/12/2016 - 14:51 -- kominfojtg-2

PEMALANG - Within the Framework of the Government Information Dissemination in Pemalang Regency Socialization of Local Government Policy Through Mass Media, Media Center Kominfo Central Java conducting Cover Media Relations to lift the potentials that exist in Pemalang. In terms of culinary Nasi Grombyang Typical Pemalang to be missed when visiting or stop in Pemalang.

Name Nasi 'Grombyang' is derived from the form of presentation is between content and more gravy sauce that looks wobbling (Java language: grombyang-grombyang) which means wobbling. Rice Grombyang presentation consists of rice, slices of buffalo meat and sauce, served in a small bowl and comes with buffalo satay. Another distinctive feature of rice grombyang lies in a large skillet jualannya form, where rice is covered with red cloth and buyers enjoy a meal with a small seat short (stools).

In Pemalang we can easily meet rice traders grombyang at night on Jl. R.E Martadinata or rather in north Square Pemalang. Along the way there are some rice traders grombyang with good taste and affordable price of about Rp 12,000 / portion. One place is the famous Nasi Grombyang H. Warso. (F)

(Media Center Kominfo Jateng)