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Kudus is a district located in Central Java province which is also called the City of Kretek (city cigarette maker). If you visit the Kudus City, do not forget to taste the native cuisine of this area namely "Lentog Tanjung". Lentog name itself is taken from the word fluffier and montog, which describe the taste and shape of the rice cake that is in use on the Tanjung this Lentog. While the word Tanjung is the name of a village in Kudus named "Tanjung Coral" which is the area of origin of lentog itself.

Made from a mixture of rice cake, vegetables jackfruit, and vegetable know. And for the presentation, rice cake in small pieces - small, then flush with vegetables young jackfruit and vegetables out. For a complementary menu can be added satay egg, sliced bakwan and crackers. The food is usually served on a small plate that has been covered with banana leaves. To add flavor usually sprinkle with fried onions.

Lentog Tanjung has a very distinctive flavor. Savory taste of vegetable in the mix with a dense texture and fluffier rice cake making sensation and taste of its own at this Tanjung Lentog. Culinary only be encountered in the morning only, because these foods are only sold in the morning only.

Culinary this morning can be found in almost every place in the sanctuary. One famous place is in Tanjung Karang. There are many food stalls that provide this Tanjung Lentog menu. For those of you who visited Kudus, Central Java, it feels incomplete when not enjoying the Tanjung's Lentog.

**translated by Kominfo Jateng