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Panusupan Tourism Village is a village in Purbalingga which has a natural beauty and culture. Location of Panusupan Tourism Village is located in the panusupan village, District of Rembang, Purbalingga. To go Panusupan Tourism Village, visitors from the direction leading to the village can Purbalingga Rajawana, District Karangmoncol first, then proceeded to the Gede Karang Dukuh, Desa Panusupan.

Attractions in Panusupan Tourism Village, the Bridge of Love, Omah spur, bridge Selfie Peak Sendaren, Memories tree house, tree house Igir Wringin, Taman Puncak Jaya Simbari, Kedung Pingit, Curug Boarding School, Sungai Watu Lucky, Petilasan Ardilawet.

Attractions exciting and challenging at the Panusupan Tourism Village Bridge Selfie is, quite challenging because it is at an altitude 682mdpl with a length of 10 meters. If you are above Bridge Selfie, you will feel like on a cloud, therefore Selfie bridge can also be called a bridge above the Clouds. And from the top of the bridge Selfie you can see the full light districts, District Karangmoncol as well as other areas of elevation.

Tourism Village Panusupan this presents a unique concept and creative to provide a place of recreation for visitors. Travel from beautiful natural scenery, the place is suitable for those who have a hobby of hunting and there are also water attractions.

Panusupan Tourism Village also has cultural attractions, such as dance empowering. Empowering dance is a dance that was once to celebrate independence, but now the dance is used as a welcome dance. For those of you who want to see dance grown and want to see the beautiful scenery, Panusupan Tourism Village is the right choice for your weekend.

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