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Klaten very well known by the many springs. Klaten approximately has 191 springs, spread over 17 districts in Klaten. The springs are widely used by the hotel as well as bottled water company. But now the location - the location of the spring be utilized attractions in Klaten.

Here are four Umbul that must be visited in Klaten:

UMBUL Ponggok
Umbul Ponggok is one of the sights that are now being visited by tourists. Name of the tourist attraction consists of two words, Umbul which means spring, and Ponggok is the name of a village. So if interpreted directly have the meanings springs in the village Ponggok. The location is in the Ponggok - Polanharjo, Klaten.

Umbul Ponggok a spring that made a big pool which can be used as a place to swim and snorkeling. In Umbul Ponggok also include equipment leasing - snorkling tool. As snorkling in general, in the Umbul Ponggok also we can see the beauty of the fish. Surely fish in Ponggok Umbul is a freshwater fish. It also placed a rock and sand bottom pools which adds to the beauty.

Snorkling in Umbul Ponggok much safer compared to snorkeling in the ocean. Because Ponggok Umbul This is a source of natural spring water is so fresh and very clear. And also, there are no currents or waves at all in a natural pool Ponggok Umbul's.

Umbul Cokro, located in the village of Cokro, District Tulung, Klaten, Central Java. Umbul Cokro tourist area known as Cokro springs, not only has a clear springs, but also has cool air. Leafy trees that surround this pool and splashing water flowing from the river Cokro, adding tourist attraction Umbul Cokro.

Visit tourist attractions Umbul Cokro, we will pass a suspension bridge that is long enough to cross the great river beneath.

Umbul Kapilaler, located in Hamlet Umbulsari, Ponggok, Polanharjo, Klaten, Central Java. Umbul Kapilaler spring is not so great, but the water is very clear on the basis of rock and sand. This Kapilaler Umbul under the big banyan tree and shade, which will add to the atmosphere in the Umbul kapilaler be cool.

Umbul kapilaler formerly a women's bathhouse commonly called Umbul wedok (female), while for special bath male - male called Umbul Lanang (male - female) is usually called Umbul sigedang located disebalah kapilaler Umbul. But now everyone can bathe in kapilaler Umbul.

Umbul Nilo, located in the village Tulung. It was said, Umbul this one has the cleanest water quality than everything. But surely all the Umbul in Klaten sure the water is clear. Because it is so crystal clear Umbul Nilo, until the rock - coral rocks at the base of the pool is clearly visible. In the pool there is also a Umbul Nilo tilapia.

**translated by Kominfo Jateng