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Department of Youth Sports Central Java endlessly always supported the development of sports in Central Java, various measures and efforts continue to be made , one of them was the Sports Development Activities Featured in the form of Coaching Clininic against superior potential athletes in Table Tennis Branch,

Socialization and Training Sistem Administrasi Perkantoran MAYA (SiMAYA)

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Semarang – Central Java Province Dinhubkominfo held Socialization and Training Administration System MAYA , Tuesday ( 11/2 ) at Gedung Wahana Graha Dinhubkominfo Central Java Prov . Socialization is led by the Head of Communications and Information Technology Edy Supriyanta , ATD , SH , MM represents the Headof Dinhubkominfo Prov.Jateng . bring in some speakers of Application Service Governance Sub Director of Communication and Information Ministry , Bambang Dwi Anggono and Microsoft Technology Director , Tony Seno Hartono and specialized staff Governor of Central Java , Fatah Muria .


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Semarang, 10 February 2014.
Central Java Forester consisting of Dinas Kehutanan Central Java province , Perum Perhutani Regional Division I Central Java , Central Java BKSDA , BTN Publications , BTN Karimunjawa, BTN Merapi , BPDAS Pemali Jratun , BPDAS Solo, BPDAS Serayu Opak Progo dan BPTK DAS Surakarta care about disaster.

State officials and Members of the Legislature prohibited to broadcast PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT (IKLAN LAYANAN MASYARAKAT)

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Indonesian Broadcasting Commission ( KPID ) Central Java prohibits the broadcasting of radio and television broadcasting in Central Java , including RCTI , ANTV , TVRI , Global TV , Metro TV , Trans 7 , Trans TV , MNC TV , TV ONE , SCTV and Indosiar cast to broadcast public service announcements (ILM ) in the institute against state officials and legislators who will stand for election.

Central Java KPID Impose Administrative Sanctions to Broadcasting Agency

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At the end of the working period 2010-2013 , Indonesian Broadcasting Commission ( KPID ) Central Java still make a breakthrough , give administrative sanctions signed by the chairman KPID , Budi Sudaryanto , SE , MT , to 4 ( four ) broadcasters ( LP ) private , three of them were Jakarta private LP and the local private LP.


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