2014 HCPSN Commemoration of Central Java Centered in Jepara

Tue, 02/12/2014 - 10:35 -- kominfojtg-2

Memorial Day Love National Flora and Fauna (HCPSN) 2014 Level of Central Java Province, will be concentrated in Pecatu Guamanik Beach Park Donorojo Hospital, Banyumanis Village, District Donorojo, Jepara regency, on 5 November. Peak HCPSN warning will be marked with mangrove planting, planting 50 species of rare plants, as well as the conservation of water catchment areas.

Head of Public Relations of Central Java Provincial Secretariat Agus Utomo SSos explain HCPSN Commemoration 2014 Central Java province level is a series of learning about biodiversity. Including flower and animal species are expected to increase awareness of human nature and realize a part of the natural interplay.

Core to be achieved, said Agus Utomo, the provincial government invites all elements of society in Central Java to work together to save flower and coastal and marine species from extinction. In addition, use it for food security and sustainable development, and to increase public awareness in love flower and fauna endemic to Central Java.

"The theme of this year, Flora and Fauna Biodiversity of Coastal and Marine for Food Security and Sustainable Development. HCPSN Commemoration momentum in 2014 is expected to be a joint effort to protect and sustainably utilize biodiversity Indonesia, "explained he.

Peak activity of HCPSN event begins with a healthy walk along the beach Guamanik Banyumanis Pecatu Park Village, followed by a beach clean movement representative elementary, junior high, high school, Saka Kalpataru, communities, NGOs, and SKPDs. The plan, the Governor of Central Java will mingle with the people in the village.

Besides peak of HCPSN event, also held a series of activities. Among other things, race programs climate village (Proklim) Central Java provincial level which has been verified on May 8 to 16, scientific writing competition (6 to 20 October), the award conservationists genetic resources in Central Java (verification Oct. 7-10) , poster contest senior secondary level in Central Java (23 October), the action plan nails removing movement and other objects in the tree (October-November), an interactive dialogue with experts Care (end of October).

In addition, also held horticultural festival (October 10 to 12), training inventory of leopards in the Nature Nusakambangan Cilacap (September 22 to 26), conservation cadre meeting (13 October), mangrove conservation in Semarang (27 October), planting 17 kinds of animal feed crops long-tailed monkeys in Boyolali and Magelang and 19 species of rare plants (970 bars) in Purworejo (October-November), the planting of 90 thousand mangrove trunks in Semarang and Demak (October-November), launching bulletin Resources genetic Central Java (November 5), planting mangroves, casuarina, nyamplung (November), conservation of water catchment areas (October-December). Other activities, flower and animal exhibits, processed seafood products (November), as well as the environment clean and healthy competition (October).

**translated by Kominfo Jateng