About Central Java

Since the VII century , there are many royal government that stands in Central Java (Central Java) , namely : the Buddhist kingdom of Kalinga , Jepara which ruled by the Queen Sima in the year 674 . According to the script / inscription Canggah in 732, was born in a Hindu kingdom in Medang , Central Java with the name of King Rakai Sanjaya or Mataram . Under the reign of Sanjaya Dynasty Pikatan Rakai , he built Rorojonggrang or Prambanan Temple. Buddhist Mataram kingdom in Central Java also born during the era of the Sailendra dynasty , they built temples like Borobudur , Sewu , Kalasan, etc. .
In the 16th century after the collapse of the Hindu Majapahit kingdom , the kingdom of Islam appeared in Demak , since that is Islam spread in Central Java . After the collapsed of Demak kingdom , Djoko Tingkir son -in-law of King Demak ( Sultan Trenggono ) move the kingdom of Demak to Pajang ( near Solo ) . And declared himself as the King of the Kingdom of Pajang with the title of Sultan Adiwijaya . During his reign there were riots and rebellion . The greatest war was among Sultan Adiwijaya against Aryo Penangsang . Sultan Adiwijaya Danang Sutowijaya commissioned to quell the rebellion and killed Aryo Penangsang . Due to the great services to the Kingdom Pajang , Sultan Adiwijaya giving a gift of land to Sutowijaya, Mataram . After Pajang collapsed he became the first king of the Islamic Mataram in Central Java and named Panembahan Senopati .
In the mid- 16th century the Portuguese and Spanish came to Indonesia in search of spices to be traded in Europe . At the same time , the British and then the Dutch came to Indonesia as well . With their VOC, the Dutch oppress the people of Indonesia , including Central Java, both in politics and economics .
In the early 18th century Mataram Kingdom was ruled by Sri Sunan Pakubuwono II , after his death appear dispute between the royal family who want to select / appoint a new king . Dispute grew cloudy after the intervention of the Dutch colonial government in the royal family disputes . The dispute was finally resolved in 1755 with the Treaty Gianti . Mataram kingdom was divided into two smaller kingdoms which Surakarta Hadiningrat or Kraton Kasunanan in Surakarta and Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat or Kraton Kasultanan in Yogyakarta .
Until now Central Java administratively is a province defined by Law No. . 10/1950 dated July 4, 1950 .
Central Java as one of the provinces in Java , located between the two large provinces , namely West Java and East Java . It is 5o40 ' and 8o30 ' south latitude and between 108o30 ' and 111o30 ' east longitude ( including the island of Karimun ) . Furthest distance from west to east is 263 km from north to south and 226 km ( not including Karimun island ) .
Central Java is administratively divided into 29 districts and 6 cities . The Central Java area was 3.25 million hectares wide or about 25.04 percent from the island of Java ( 1.70 percent of Indonesia) . Existing broad consisting of 1.00 million hectares ( 30.80 percent ) of paddyfields and 2.25 million hectares ( 69.20 percent ) is not paddyfield .
According to its function , the biggest paddyfield used technical irrigation (38.26 percent) , the others used half technical irrigation, rainfed and others. With good irrigation techniques , paddyfields potention that can be planted more than two times of 69.56 percent .
Next dry land that used for moor / garden / farm / huma was about 34.36 percent from the total paddyfield instead . It was the largest percentage , compared to another not paddyfield percentage.
According to Climatological Station Class 1 Semarang , the average air temperature in Central Java ranged between 18oC to 28oC . Places that are located near the coast have an average air temperature is relatively high . Meanwhile, the average temperature of the turf ( 5 cm depth ) , ranging from 17oC to 35oC . Average water temperature ranges from 21oC to 28oC . As for the average humidity varies , from 73 percent samapai 94 percent . The most rain intensity located in a special Agricultural Meteorological Station Salatiga about 3.990 mm , with 195 days of rainy day.
**Translated by Kominfojtg**