2014, Banjarnegara Rural and Urban Land and Building tax (PBB P2) Rp.17.3 Billion

Thu, 20/03/2014 - 11:01 -- kominfojtg-2

BANJARNEGARA - Based on PBB P2 data 2014 , the principal provisions of Banjarnegara PBB P2 2014 Rp . 17,319,892,869 consisting of rural sector Rp. 8,189,253,832 and urban sector Rp. 9130639037 . While the number of taxpayers as much as 642 021 and the number SPPT 2014 much as 688 019.

" From these the permanence value of Rp . 0 so that there are as many as 2,968 writ score as much as 685 051 sheet, " said DPPKAD Chief Banjarnegara Indarto when giving the report on the launching of Rural and Urban Land and Building tax (PBB P2) in the gazebo of Dipayudha Adigraha, Wednesday ( 19/3 ) .

In accordance with the decision of the Banjarnegara Regent number 973/87 of 2014 on the PBB P2 settlement program Banjarnegara 2014 , that the PBB P2 repayment programs have been established at the end of July 2014 .

" To all both SKPD head, Village Head , Village Head and to be able to support this program . We also give appreciation to DJP office of Central Java, Head of STO Purbalingga and Bank Jateng for the cooperation, " Said Indarto .

Further Indarto said PBB P2 launching implementation activities intended so that people know that since 2014 PBB P2 management has been fully implemented by the Banjarnegara regency government.

The launch also aims to provide insight to the society that since the divert of PBB P2 then the ministry carried out by the regency government through DPPAKD .

" The transfer of PBB P2 formally commenced since submitted its management by the Finance Ministry through the General Directorate of Taxation on January 2, 2014. Handover stated in the minutes signed between the Regent and Chief of DJP Central Java II , " he added .
Head of KPP Pratama Purbalingga, Ezekiel Minggus Tirada on the occasion reminds one tax obligations is the SPT annual income tax that means taxpayers to report at once to account for the above calculation or payment of tax properly .

" The securing tax revenue task is not easy, remind still lacking of taxation base and still needs to be increased awareness of the taxpayer in the annual income tax returns reporting. The level of tax compliance ratio reaches 70 percent or 48,047 of the taxpayer's tax return mandatory tax year 2012 amounted to 68 639 , " said Yesheikel .

From these data it is known that the role of civil servants and retirees , including military, police reported annual tax return in 2012 only amounted to approximately 18,500 people for the two regencies namely Banjarnegara and Purbalingga ..

" At the moment the PBB P2 acceptance has become entirely Banjarnegara regency government right, while the role of PPH has also indirectly contributed to the government in the form of revenues from the personal income tax and employees income tax article 21, " continued Yesheikel .

General Director of the Bank of Central Java Radjim on the occasion said that the PBB payments also can be through Bank of Central Java ATM. With the car traveling anywhere will move closer to the community service .

" Now the PBB payment office does not have to , but was able through an ATM or Bank of Central Java automobile dealer who will come to the community at large , " said Radjim .

Pemkab confidence to banks jateng also our response , with the advantage of local revenue to the district government revenue which leads back to the community . This revenue will also be used for the construction of public facilities and infrastructures for society progress and growth.

While Banjarnegara Regent Sutedjo Slamet Utomo on the occasion asked the officials of Revenue Service , Financial and area administration asset ( DPPKAD ) which handles PBB P2 along with the PBB team district or village level or village has a passion in implementing the administration of PBB P2 .

" I hope that all elements of the regency government , ranging from the secretary position , persistent , SKPD head, Village head, the Village and all the staff can be a role model for the community to pay for PBB in 2014 soon after launching the implementation of this , " said the regent .

Regent Sutedjo also expect the tax payers pay off the obligations of PBB immediately, while the DPPKAD , districts , villages or village and asked Bank of Central Java continue to improve better services to the public, especially the taxpayers .

While up to a new record last Wednesday two villages namely Pasegeran village Pandanarum district and Gripit village Banjarmangu District PBB in 2014 has paid off. (**anhar) **Translated by Kominfo Jateng