Museum BPK, "Fun" Learn the State Financial Management

Tue, 10/01/2017 - 15:08 -- kominfojtg-2

Magelang - Museum buildings often considered a sinister record historic events. The presumption is to make the museum as one of the means of education is not much frequented by the public.

Challenges that are trying to answer by the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) by way of beautifying the face Museum BPK typical modern touch. Museum is located at Jalan Diponegoro No. 1, the story 70 years of traveling the BPK since operation in 1946 ago.

Secretary General of the BPK Hendar Ristriawan SH MH explained that the museum was built with modern concepts to eliminate the impression the museum is often assumed that the building society as creepy. Information technology support also came with the contents of the museum collection.

"The support of information technology is intended to allow visitors who are interested in studying the historical BPK may utilize all the senses. Not only to see visuals through movies but also read a collection," he said while attending the inauguration of renovation Museum BPK and Launching Superior State Audit (SPKN) 2017 and Application Monitoring Information System Follow-Up (SIPTL) at the Museum of BPK RI, Monday (9/1).

Museum in 1997 only 163.80 m2 building area was experiencing twice the expansion. The first expansion took place in 1999 with an area of 260.16 m2. The second expansion took place in 2016 because of their partial grants Bakorwil II office building Kedu and Surakarta provided by the Government of Central Java Province. Now, the building area of 3,880 m2 BPK Museum. With the expansion of the BPK build some space Supported adequate information technology, including the library.

"This museum is dedicated to the research center. In it there is a library. The museum also would serve as a means of recreation. Therefore, games that are designed in this museum so that visitors can learn about the BPK, but not in a serious atmosphere, more fun , "said Hendar.

Not only inaugurated the new face of the museum, the BPK also launching State Financial Inspection Standards (SPKN) 2017 Follow-Up Monitoring Information System (SIPTL). Vice BPK RI Drs Sapto Amal Damandari Ak CPA CA said SPKN 2007 has been perfected after ten years of use as a standard in the examination. These enhancements based on standard SPKN international, national, as well as the demands of the moment. Meanwhile, the use of SIPTL will improve transparency and accountability as well as the availability of real time information more accurately.

Central Java Governor supports full of good intentions BPK develop the museum. According to him, the existence of BPK RI Museum will educate the public to understand the state's financial management is good and right. In fact, with modern design and supported by adequate IT facilities, Museum BPK not only become an attractive tourist destination, but also allows visitors children to learn about the integrity of early. Completion SPKN and SIPTL also helping public finance management in a systematic and accountable.

"Hopefully, this museum will also be able to give lessons. Children from scratch can learn about the integrity of the early of this museum. I think this will be a modern museum that records the history is interesting," hope the number one in Central Java.

The layout of the BPK Museum adjacent to Museum Diponegoro become a strategic tourist destinations. Because, in the same complex, visitors can also recalling heroic Prince Diponegoro in the fight for independence. At the museum, visitors can see some original items belonging to the hero. Such as robes, teak chairs, books, until halls used Diponegoro when salat.

**translated by Kominfo Jateng