Jokowi Invite Spread Politeness and Civility Values

Tue, 10/01/2017 - 14:37 -- kominfojtg-2

Pekalongan - Rampant spread of false information (hoax), defamation, and speech of hatred (hate speech) in social media this background, makes Indonesia less comfortable atmosphere. Indonesian President Ir H Joko Widodo also give serious attention to the campaign for the prevention of the negative things.

In his visit for two days in Central Java province, when silaturrahim to Pondok Pesantren At Taufiqy in District Wonopringgo, Sunday (8/1) afternoon, the president invites all students to be able to develop the values of civility, decency, and morality. These values are to fend off the negative attitudes and actions.

"Let us take all of them to develop the values of civility, politeness values, the values of good manners that I see there is a lot that has been given Kyai to the students," he said.

The values of politeness and courtesy are taught by the Prophet Muhammad, he said, needs to be transmitted. Thus, Indonesia someday have the next generation of good morals.

Jokowi who came accompanied by the Central Java Governor H Ganjar Pranowo SH MIP and other important officials also test the knowledge of the students. First, Jokowi asked the question about Pancasila.

"If there could be students who mentioned Pancasila," he challenged.

A students named Muhammad Radi, bravely answered the challenge. Initially, students from Cirebon it was haltingly answered, until one of said first principle of Pancasila. However, the nervous can be resolved quickly so he can finally l answered smoothly.

The next question, the president asked students to name five provinces in Indonesia. That question was answered students named Muhammad Nasir of Pemalang well. And, the last question given is mentioned seven types of fish that live in the sea Indonesia. The question was, was greeted answer by Maulana Muhammad Arif, student from Pekalongan.

All three students were brave and correctly answer the question of President Jokowi, get a surprise gift in the form of a bicycle.

**translated by Kominfo Jateng