Importantly, the PMT to Grow a Healthy and Smart Generation

Tue, 10/01/2017 - 14:35 -- kominfojtg-2

Pekalongan - Supplementary feeding programs (PMT) for pregnant women, infants, and children essential school as part of efforts gave birth to a healthy future generation, intelligent, and able to compete with other countries.

"The provision of supplementary food such as biscuits is so that later the child is born into a healthy child, smart and clever as nutritional assured. It also should eat tempeh, tofu, eggs, and meat that pregnant women and children healthy," said President Joko Widodo while giving a briefing on the importance of PMT in Pekalongan Nusantara Fishery Port, (8/1).

He explained, for pregnant women with gestational age of one to three months, it is recommended to consume biscuits two pieces per day. For the content of four to nine months old, had three pieces per day. While children aged less than one year, need to get used to eat eight pieces of biscuits per day.

"School children (at least) one day six pieces. Especially to children who lean, feeding is very important. Do not like it, too thin to rich body," joked the president, pointing a toddler skinny.

Through a supplementary feeding program of the government is expected that all children become a generation of healthy, smart, and strong. Thus, Indonesia later able to compete with developed countries. Moreover, in 10 or 20 years, competition in various fields increasingly tight and heavy.

"If children today are not healthy and not good, it will lose in the competition. It is really important given the additional nutritious food to be healthy and smart," he added.

Meanwhile Health Minister Nila Djuwita F. Moeloek who accompanied the president during a working visit to Central Java said the extra food in Kota Pekalongan distributed to as many as 240 pregnant women, 360 infants and 460 school children.

Furthermore, he explained, based on the monitoring of nutritional status, to 16.9 percent recorded in Central Java, and specifically in Pekalongan 22 percent. This figure is categorized as high as supposed to just 10 percent.

In addition to child malnutrition, he said, the case toddler short (stunting) should be below 20 percent, but in Central Java as much as 23 percent. Including skinny kid, should not be less than five percent but in Central Java reached 9.6 percent. The percentage in Pekalongan even higher, at 15 percent.

According to him, the condition occurs because of the mothers who lack protein. Therefore, there is the custom for most pregnant women who abstain from eating high-protein foods. Such as fish, squid, eggs, and other foods high in protein. In fact, protein deficiency during pregnancy can lead to malnutrition, seizures, bleeding, anemia, and other disease threats.

"I entrusted to Ms. Susi, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries to contribute to disseminate the importance of nutrition for pregnant women. Moreover, this is a fishing village that they should be able to eat fish and if the fish of the sea, catching fish should also be bred to add protein expectant mothers," he explained.

In a series of working visits over two days to the City and County of Pekalongan and Batang Central Java province, the President Joko Widodo was accompanied by Minister of Health and Central Java Governor H Ganjar Pranowo SH MIP handed PMT to the number of representatives of pregnant women, infants, and children in schools, as well as assistance to the poor, such as rice, sugar and other basic materials.

Also present at the event Minister of Marine and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti, Head of the Presidential Secretariat Darmansjah Djumala, Military Secretary President Air Vice Marshal TNI Trisno Hendradi, Commander Paspampres Maj (Mar) Bambang Suswantono, Special Staff of the President Ari Dwipayana and Head of Protocol Secretariat of the President Ari Setiawan.

Jokowi and his entourage arrived at Ahmad Yani Airport in Semarang on Sunday morning, then heads to Pekalongan using Super Puma helicopters belonging to the Air Force. Arriving at the Field Kedungwuni Pekalongan district around 10:30 pm, the former Mayor of Surakarta was headed straight Ponpes At Taufiqi in Wonopringgo, Pekalongan to silahturrahim, then attended to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW in 1438 Hijri together Habib Muhammad Lutfi bin Yahya in Building Kanzus Salawat City Pekalongan.

**translated by Kominfo Jateng