Do Not Bombastic Title, Fill It's the Only

Tue, 10/01/2017 - 15:02 -- kominfojtg-2

Semarang - News writing is not simply to make based on the information obtained. More than it should be noticed accuracy, do not act in bad faith, as well as test information.

This is confirmed senior journalist Sutjipto in his scientific oration pasa Inauguration of Graduate School of Journalism Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) in Central Java Six Week Pack Group II 2016, in the Hall of the Faculty of Law Unissula, Monday (9/1). Admittedly, the competition online media, electronics, as well as a daily newspaper requires journalists to present actual news. Moreover, high-value news.

Nevertheless, he added, the code of ethics of journalism demand accuracy, precision, and accuracy of the news. Actuality demands that are too large could potentially lead to errors news writing.

"Accuracy comes first, not the actuality. Test information is imperative and order legislation. So, so get the start, must be addressed wisely. Do not rush published. Journalists must tabayyun," said Sutjipto.

Freedom of the press, he said, does not mean freedom without limits that has the potential to confront human rights of others. Freedom of the press has limits according the law. The opening section of journalistic ethics have been stressed in realizing the freedom of the press, journalists Indonesia also aware of the interest of the nation, social responsibility, diversity of society, and religious norms. That is, said Sutjipto, feasibility consideration needs to newsworthy information.

"Professional Journalists, which is loyal to the nation and the state, will not degrade the news like it (which is not eligible to serve). I hope PWI Java could be a positive energy, good energy in building Central Java," he explained.

Central Java Provincial Secretary Dr Ir Sri Puryono KS MP acknowledges the world of journalism seems to be a magnet for students to menggelutinya. Dabbling in journalism can be very unpleasant, can also be bothersome or distressing. However, journalists must be professional, are clear in their fields. Being a journalist is not just carrying a camera, hunting down and make news, but it must be appropriate ethical journalism ethics and legislation that is binding.

"Do not get the wrong board, wrong info. Moreover, without confirmation or verification has been written. Ah pack, the future can be clarified. Do not be like that. Do not let the title bombastic but its same contents," he said.

Paradigm of bad news is a good news to be changed. Therefore, good information can be newsworthy, even to educate the public. Writing skills can be utilized in addressing student government policy. They can put it in writing, complete with solutions or ideas that are applicable.

"It is much more beneficial than simply blasphemous in social media," said Sri Puryono.

On that occasion, Secretary Sri Puryono accompanied by Chairman of PWI Amir Machmud NS and Dean of the Faculty of Law Unissula Jawade Hafiz Dr SH MH submit the charter to the best graduates of the School of Journalism Force II. Chosen as best I, Yulisa Dian Mulyaningsih.

**translated by Kominfo Jateng