The State Defense Day Ceremony

Thu, 22/12/2016 - 14:31 -- kominfojtg-2

SEMARANG – Department of Communication and Information Technology Central Java province participated State Defense Day by conducting the State Defense ceremony at the Department Hubkominfo Central Java Province field, on Monday (19/12).

The ceremony was chaired by the Head of the Central Java Provincial Dinhubkominfo, Ir Satriyo Hidayat and followed by all employees within Dinhubkominfo Central Java Prov.

At the State Defense Day momentum in 2016, Satriyo Hidayat invited to learn from the history of the national struggle, to defend this country so that Indonesia can now stand tall as a sovereign nation can not be separated from the spirit of defending the country from all over the strength of the people.

"They fought to sacrifice body and soul to defend this homeland from the invaders" he said.

History has also noted that the defense of the country is not only done by force of arms, but also carried by every citizen with a conscience to defend the country to make efforts in politics and diplomacy.

"This effort was recorded in the pages of history against the invaders when 68 years ago, precisely on December 19, 1948, initiated by Mr. Sjarifoeddin Prawiranegara, formed Emergency Government of the Republic of Indonesia (Emergency) in West Sumatra, "he said.

The events are then designated as State Defense Day, based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia on December 19, 2006. To commemorate the history of the struggle of Emergency Government of the Republic of Indonesia (Emergency), the Government of the Republic of Indonesia has built a National Monument Bela State in one area that was once the base of the Emergency Government with an area of 40 hectares, precisely in Jorong Siriah River, Nagari Koto Tinggi, District Mountain Omeh, District Lima Puluh Kota, West Sumatra.

"The heroic values that we need to continue actualised through a variety of real work in the life of the nation" he said.

Satriyo also explained our opposition about the threat of poverty, underdevelopment and backwardness is an effort to defend the country. so the country will be strong and big as provide welfare and prosperity together.

"In addition, our sovereignty emerging threat of criminal acts is incredible, namely corruption, including extortion that has obviously undermine the foundation of our strength as a nation and keep people on welfare. Efforts to fight corruption at all levels is a manifestation of our own defense in the country "he said.

Through the State Defense Day with the theme " Indonesiaku Tercinta, kan Kubela Sepanjang Masa " is expected to become the media in order to enhance and defend the country arouse awareness of the entire Indonesian nation. Additionally, achieving development in Indonesia as a potential national character in the development of the national defense system that is universal.

(Media Center Jateng/HP)