Mas Ganjar Menyapa "Efforts to Reduce Disaster Risk"

Thu, 29/12/2016 - 14:44 -- kominfojtg-2

SEMARANG – Department of Transportation, Communication and Information in Central Java Province again held Interactive Dialogue "Mas Ganjar Menyapa (MGM)" in the Home Office in the Central Java Governor H. Ganjar Pranowo, SH, MIP, in Puri Gedeh Semarang, on Tuesday (27/12).

MGM this time the theme "Efforts to Reduce Disaster Risk" which was broadcast live by Sindo Trijaya, RDI Pandanaran FM, at 06.30 up to 07.30 pm and streaming Youtube and

Public awareness and stakeholders on rsiko reduction of disaster in Central Java must be kept alive from day to day. One strategic step to be taken is to create a clear legal umbrella rehabilitated and reconstructed by Local Regulation or Perda. These measures should be encouraged all the stakeholders so that prevention and disaster risk reduction can be applied in all areas of potential disasters in Central Java. Moreover, Central Java has about 2024 villages disaster-prone area.

In particular, this law will also be a clear regulation to encourage preparedness of all levels of society in the face of natural disasters in their respective territories. By paying this law anyway, later the expected birth of a forum on disaster communications all stakeholders to unite in a single step motion to suppress or reduce the risk of disasters, as part of the awareness movement in Central Java disaster.

Neither the government, police, military, search and rescue, disaster volunteers, to communities in disaster-prone areas will have the same platform in terms of disaster risk reduction. Systematics disaster prevention and disaster risk reduction will be required curriculum for all stake holders to implement them. In this phase, the system of prevention and mitigation of natural disasters is felt to be very ideal.

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