Farmer Exchange Rate (NTP) November 2016 Down 0.60 Percent

Thu, 29/12/2016 - 14:29 -- kominfojtg-2

SEMARANG – Based on the Official Bulletin of Statistics BPS Central Java Province No. 84/12/33 / Th.X, dated December 1, 2016, Farmer (NTP) Central Java in November 2016 decreased 0.60 percent, from the position of 100.15 becomes 99.55. This is due to changes in the price index received by farmers (It) is lower than the change in index of prices paid by farmers (Ib). It rose 0.33 percent, from the position in October 2016 124.90 into 125.31 in November 2016. While Ib rose 0.94 percent, from the position of 124.71 into 125.88.

Of 5 (five) agricultural sub-sector components of the NTP, four (4) sub-sectors experienced a decline in index, namely: sub-sector fell 1.54 percent Food Crops, Horticulture sub-sector fell 0.75 percent, Livestock sub-sector fell 1.45 percent and fisheries sub-sector fell 0.66 percent. While sub sub sector Crop Plantations rose which rose 2.65 percent.

In general, index prices received by farmers increased the index by 0.33 per cent compared with the previous month. Increment It is influenced by a decrease It on 2 (two) sub-sectors: Food Crops sub-sector fell 0.48 percent and, Livestock sub-sector fell by 0.74 percent. While other subsectors increased, namely: Horticulture sub-sector rose by 0.22 percent, the People's Crops sub-sector rose by 3.57 percent and fisheries sub-sector rose by 0.47 percent.

The index of prices paid by farmers in November 2016 rose to 0.94 percent compared to October 2016. The increase was influenced by the increase in Household Consumption Index (IKRT) by 1.28 per cent and the increase in production cost and the addition of Capital Goods (BPPBM) of 0.31 percent.

Exchange Enterprises Household Agriculture (NTUP) in Central Java province rose by 0.02 percent or 106.93 into 106.95 positions NTUP than the previous month.

Household Consumption Index (IKRT) or CPI villages in Central Java province experienced an increase or an inflation of 1.28 percent rural. Inflation occurs due to an increase of 7 (seven) price group, among other groups rising prices by 2.41 percent Food Ingredients, Food Groups So by 0.63 per cent, the Housing Group by 0.27 percent, 0.21 percent Sandang groups, group Health by 0.39 percent, the group Education Recreation and Sports by 0.04 per cent and transport and communication group by 0.36 percent.

Of the 33 provinces (including Jakarta) reported changes NTP NTP November 2016 to October 2016 turned out to be very diverse. NTP index increase in 15 provinces, while 18 other provinces decreased. NTP The increase was highest in West Kalimantan Province in the amount of 1.77 percent, while the largest decrease in NTP occur in East Java province which is at 1.14 percent.

(BPS Jateng – Media Center Jateng/dv)