Commemoration of the 88th Mother's Day - 2016

Thu, 29/12/2016 - 14:42 -- kominfojtg-2

SEMARANG – Department of Communication and Information Technology Central Java province commemorate the 88th Mother's Day - 2016 by implementing the Mother's Day ceremony in Central Java Prov Dinhubkominfo page, on Thursday (22/12).

The ceremony was led by the Secretary Dinhubkominfo Central Java Province, Drs. Sancoyo Hadi, M.Si and followed by all employees within Dinhubkominfo Central Java Prov.

On the 88th Mother's Day momentum in 2016, Mr. Sancoyo Hadi as the ceremony to read the complete Speech of the Minister of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection of the Republic of Indonesia, Yohana Yembise.

In his speech delivered that Mother's Day is held each year to commemorate and appreciate the struggle of Indonesian women, who have fought together men in the struggle for independence and improve quality of life. "This is what distinguishes Mother's Day in Indonesia with the warning" Mother Day "in several countries in the world. Mother's Day in Indonesia based on the determination and the struggle of women to achieve independence based on the ideals and spirit of unity unity towards the independence of Indonesia that is safe, serene, peaceful, just, and prosperous as declared first in the Indonesian Women's Congress on December 22, 2016 in Yogyakarta.

"Mother's Day also showed that the struggle of Indonesian women, has taken a very long process in achieving equality with the role and position of men, considering both the potential resources that determine the success of development," he continued.

Momentum Mother's Day is also used as a reflection and contemplation for all of us, about the efforts that have been made in order to advance the women's movement in all areas of development. The long journey for 88 years, has led many successes for women and men in the face of various global and multi-dimensional tantantan, especially the struggle for gender equality in Indonesia.

Meanwhile in the contemporary era, Mother's Day is expected to pass on the noble values and fighting spirit embodied in the history of the struggle of women in Indonesian society, especially the future generation in order to strengthen the determination and spirit of unfuk together go ahead and fill construction with based the spirit of unity.

Women and men have an equal role and position in the country in achieving its objectives and in the fight for prosperity in all areas of development such as education, economic, social, political, and legal. Women and men also have the opportunity, equal access and opportunities yant as a development resource.

On the occasion of PHI 88th 2016, we also want to convey that engagement and the increased role of male and family in development, as well as an important element for the elimination of all forms of discrimination and other acts of violence and shared efforts for the welfare of the nation. Involving men in efforts to achieve gender equality in line with the global campaign declared 'He for She' where Mr. President Joko Widodo, became one of the ro (ten) Head of State in the world who was asked to be an ambassador for the campaign. This of course brings a positive meaning for Indonesia, for tertrs echoing the importance of gender equality in various dimensions of development and people's lives.

On the other hand the importance of family support should also be part of the "campaigned" back in the joints of life of the nation. If we look together, the rise of the various problems facing the nation and the complexity of the social problems that occur in the community such as: violence, trafficking, pornography, tnfeksi STIs and HIV / AIDS, drug abuse, crime and others due to the collapse of the foundations of resilience in families.

For that family strength (through the planting of the values of character and faith and piety) became one of the pillars to address and resolve various problems as mentioned above. The role of the family is required to be further strengthened, coupled with the planting of family values. The importance of the family, when understood in depth has been handed down by our ancestors since many years ago.

"Finally, I invite all Indonesian people, especially women to continue to work, able to maintain an independent figure, creative, inovatit confidence and improve the quality and capability of himself, so that together with male become a major force in building the nation," he concluded.

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